001-0301 This is a solid brass barrel band made exclusively for the 2250 ratty with 11mm and QB stud

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001-0002  Made from solid brass this adapter is 65mm long with a male 1/2" UNF thread tapered to the barrel ideal for the Ratty

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001-0040 This Co2 filler cap is made from solid brass with a knurled finish for a good grip to add style to your 2240

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001-0100 Power hammer spring the same size as the original but stronger complete with brass guide to fit the 22XX range

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001-0101 Brass Power Adjuster adjustment screw and locking band have a knurled finish to fit the Crosman 2240 2250b 2260

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001-0501 Gmac Black Steel Breech Kit with brass probe .22 will fit all the Crosman 22xx range & 1322


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