002-0321 2250 Black Barrel Band Multi-shot

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002-0321 This is a Black Anodisesd Aluminium barrel band made exclusively for the 2250 ratty fitted with a GMAC Multi-shot Breech be it .22 or .177 with 11mm rail to fix laser under barrel and fitted with a QB stud which can be removed (when using laser) for attaching a sling or a bipod apart from looking good it is very functional comes complete with grub screws



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002-0600 Multi-Shot Breech .22 002-0600 Multi-Shot Breech .22
£110.04 *
RC2210 Marauder Pellet Clip RC2210 Marauder Pellet Clip
£25.02 *
001-0308 Multi-shot Brass Barrel Band 001-0308 Multi-shot Brass Barrel Band
£16.50 *

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