002-1600 QB Multi-Shot Breech .22

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002-1600  Multi-Shot Self Indexing right handed Breech .22 made in Aluminium and Anodised Black for the QB/XS 78 and 79.

The Kit Contains everything you need:

The main breech body.

.22 extended pin probe and black handle.

10 shot magazine.

New larger transfer port drilled to 3.9mm and seals.

Rear screw and allen keys.

Probe seal and barrel seals.

New and improved hardened hammer and hammer pin.

Improved cocking system the gun will now cock easier and when the bolt is pulled back.

The standard barrel needs modification. Instructions are included for this but you will need access to a lathe.

We do sell barrels already machined to fit the breech they are the Gmac target barrels part number. 5-2700-22

You will also need a new barrel band 002-3150 or you can free float.





Product Note Status Price
002-3150 QB78 Multishot Barrel Band 15mm 002-3150 QB78 Multishot Barrel Band 15mm
£16.50 *
5-2700-22 Gmac Barrel .22  QB78 '79 Multishot 5-2700-22 Gmac Barrel .22 QB78 '79 Multishot
£89.99 *
RC2210 Marauder Pellet Clip RC2210 Marauder Pellet Clip
£25.02 *

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