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GMAC Update: 19/09/20

For those that do not know my father Gordon MacMillan, 'Mr GMAC' who started this company over ten years ago through his passion for guns and in particular Crosmans, he  has sadly died earlier this year just before the Covid 19 lockdown. We had together started on an updated website, with new products and I hope to have this finished and live in about six weeks. I will be continuing with his work and I have a list of his ideas and new parts that he was designing. This is along with my own ideas and the welcomed input from customers, I will continue to bring new parts to the market.

I now work on my own so, I will have to answer all emails, phone calls, package orders and run the workshop by myself so, please be patient with me, whilst I get everything in order. 

I have now organised my email system after some weeks of problems, but if you have emailed me and not had a reply, please do email again and I will get back to you. I have had serious problems receiving emails and I am still trying to work my way through them.

I will be away on a course next week so, there will be a delay on all orders. I will try and ship as many orders as I can but I will be away all day everyday. Therefore, if the order contains something in need of polishing, it may be delayed until the week after however, I will try my best to ship a quick as I can. Sorry for the late notice but with Covid 19, I did not get clarification the course was going ahead until last minute, yesterday the 18/09/20.

To clarify, the shop will be Closed from Monday 21st of Sepember and reopen's on Monday the 28th of September, any orders made in this time may have a delayed shipping date.





We are a family run business with the personal touch manufacturing and supplying custom made parts for the Crosman 22xx & 13xx range Marauder BP2220, Crosman 1720T, Silhouette 1701P, 1077, Benjamin Discovery, Maximus and the QB/XS78 range, Webley FX2000 and its derivatives.

Most of our parts are made in brass a traditional material used by gun makers for centurys and Anodised Aluminum don't expect anything on this site made by GMAC to be made in  Delrin, the whole idea is to replace the plastic parts All Crosman spare parts listed are genuine not  GREY IMPORTS  Based in the UK but welcome orders from overseas all stock items posted within 24 hours of payment on business days.